Sunny evening, 6 June 2018

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Sunday 10 July

Those two pictures say it all for today. Wet and miserable. As I type the wind is getting up and it seems to be getting colder only 14C today. We're having a northerly wind, so no surprises there. This week, we are having the Hebridean Celtic Festival in town, and the rush will start by the middle of the week. Enjoying a short lull before mayhem breaks loose. Our wee town of 9,000 will have to cope with an influx of 15,000. The Tall Ships will entice more visitors, so the ferry will be bulging at the seams this week. Sorry if I seem to be moaning, but I wouldn't mind a ray of sunshine up here.


  1. Sorry you have no sunshine. I wish we could bottle it here and send it to you! Flowers are still pretty.

  2. I can well inagine the mayhem the influx of visitors will make in the town. Hope you manag eto get a fair number of Tall Ships at anchor..some good photographs coming up ??
    Have a look out for one of the JST ships The Lord Nelson ca't remember the others name at the moment. I had a week on the lord Nelson some years ago,,, hard work but sure was fun..if it is around you may be able to board and see how accessable they have made it to enable all handicaps to be catered for..
    love sybil x