Sunny evening, 6 June 2018

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Saturday 30 July

Another bright day with some spells of sunshine, which lifted the mercury to 18C. By evening, cloud increased but it stayed dry. Midges are beginning to be a right pain at the moment. We had another cruiseliner in, the Spirit of Adventure, which left in the early evening. I went for an amble round the back streets, and discovered a petrol station where you can fuel up 24/7 - presumably using pumps which take bank cards for payment. The shop remains shut on Sunday, unlike its competitor a quarter of a mile away on the main road into town.

 Hello puss - Battery Road
 Bee busy on ragwort blooms
MV Spirit of Adventure

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  1. Aye, those bl**dy midges fair get to you, as I remember from Skye! But don't they go by late August? Thereby leaving you a midge-free zone for Autumn.