Sunny evening, 6 June 2018

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Sunday 5 June

Quite a nice, sunny day with a breeze, but not very warm - again, it's only 13C on the thermometer. I am busy with preparations for a trip to the continent, as of tomorrow morning. I'll be updating on the progress of my journey to Amsterdam by mobile phone through tomorrow. I have long waits at the intermediate airports (Glasgow and Gatwick), so I have plenty of time to finish Les Miserables by Victor Hugo and make a start on Tom Jones by Henry Fielding. Next weekend, I'll be on a train for 10 hours - and you'll have to read the Shell Gallery blog to find out where that is going to take me. I already dropped hint yesterday, with the factor 50 sunblock.

The next update here on Atlantic Lines will be made on Friday 1 July, after my return to Stornoway.


  1. Have a safe and happy trip to that warmer and sunny climate you are headed for. Sounds like just the thing since you've had such cool weather there. I'll be watching out for your entries to see where you end up! Enjoy!

  2. Posted on behalf of Sybil
    Hope the journey to Amsterdam goes without a hitch...As for the long train journey...well...I suppose I will just have to wait to see where you are heading...must be a fair way away
    Hope you Father is ok when you get home.
    LOve Sybil x