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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Sunday 15 May

A few weather related notes. Today saw the start of the hurricane season in the Eastern Pacific Ocean. Landmasses affected by tropical cyclones there include Mexico and Central America. The Baja California peninsula is likely to see one or more systems, particularly later in the period, in late summer or early autumn. The USA will not be directly impacted, due to low temperatures in the ocean off the state of California. The southwestern states may however be affected by rainfall, drifting northeast from remnants of hurricanes.

Rainfall is what marked out the day here in Stornoway. It basically rained all day, and it was thoroughly grey, wet and miserable. I kept a quiet day, watching a lot of television, some of it recorded previously. One of my favourite series, Ice Road Truckers, ended last Friday. Another Alaska related series, Flying Wild Alaska, about bush planes there, continues on Thursday evenings.

The wet weather will continue tomorrow, but I'll be resuming my local history activities.

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  1. I watched the last episode of Ice Road Truckers too Guido. It was so wonderful watching Lisa being reunited with her horse. We will miss this programme, even though I held my breath at times until I was blue in the face, when they were in stressful situations. Phew!
    Im glad and I'm not glad it is over for another year. Brave folks for sure!
    I think we are having 'April Showers' this month, instead of last.
    The gardens are looking good for it though! That puts a smile on my face.