Sunny evening, 6 June 2018

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Wednesday evening, 20 April

A suspected letter bomb has been isolated at the Harris Tweed mill at Shawbost, 18 miles north of Stornoway. The letter had been directed at the mill's director, Brian Wilson, a prominent politician. He is also a supporter of Celtic FC, one of the two main Glasgow soccer football clubs. Celtic's manager, Neil Lennon, has also been the object of a letter bomb, as have two other prominent figures associated with the club. The rivalry between Celtic and Rangers is proverbial, and spills over to high passions, if not outright violence, both on and off the football pitch. The rivalry is rooted in religious divisions; Celtic is associated with Roman Catholics, and Rangers with Protestants. Moreover, there is also a strong link with Northern Ireland. Need I say more? I just wished they all took a cold shower and got on with playing football and supporting their team, rather than this sort of baloney.

I took a walk around town this afternoon, and collected a handful of pics.

Blossoms on Smith Avenue

Goathill Crescent

Stornoway Town Hall clock is red-faced


  1. I should think the town clock is red faced it is set on two different times !!!!!
    As for the Catholic Prodestant milarky I like all sane minded people dispair...
    Thanks for you comments...They mean a lot
    Love Sybil

  2. I love the clock, especially the two different times...much like the politics...just can't seem to get in sync.