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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Tuesday 19 April

As brilliant as yesterday was, so boring today was - in terms of weather. Over the past few days, big lorries carrying huge amounts of stone slabs, and colossal parts of cranes have come whizzing down my road - and it's given rise to a few hairy moments on some of the corners.

I spent part of the morning and afternoon looking into more census results from remote areas of Lewis, to be precise: around Hamnaway. The villages of Tallavay, Ardbeag and Ceann Ruisle - none of those inhabited since that census 160 years ago, in 1851. When there such a phenomenon as a labourer-on-the-road.

This evening, I had an interesting conversation with a family, whose origins lie in Latin America, who were very interested in these islands after a two day visit. They were all into geology, and with the oldest rocks on the face of the Earth occurring at the Butt of Lewis, 25 miles away, they had a great time. Similarly during their visit to Skye, yesterday, which has some interesting geology as well - I but name the Trotternish peninsula.

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  1. I really like this photo. It was shown on my blog list and attracted me to your blog to see it. Now it seems like I am beginning to recognize the kind of world you live in by your photos of it. A Guido photo looks different than other people's photos of the terrain around them. I wonder if I would recognize a 'Guido photo' without even being told it was yours? That would be something.