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Friday, 22 April 2011

Call for Support

Most of my readers are familiar with the Call for Support blog, which I initiated several years ago to muster moral support for bloggers in distress. Its use was demonstrated this week, when one blogger wrote an entry, saying they had been feeling suicidal and requiring hospital admission. Upon discharge, they came across the post on Call for Support, and expressed their gratitude for people's support. I'm not flying my own flag here by the way. It is the support that is given by those who respond that counts. I'm only a conduit.


  1. The Call for Support is wonderful. Thank you for being a conduit for us.

  2. But where would we be without conduits?

  3. Yes but ....THANKYOU dear Jan xx

  4. Call for Support was and remains a truly wonderful idea.

  5. I have grown to admire you as a person, over the years I have known you Guido.
    You are the kindest and most caring of people.
    I have called across to Missy and I hope and pray that she begins to heal from now on.
    Thank you for all that you do to keep us all together, by helping us help each other through the 'thick and thin' times of life.

  6. You should fly your own flag and fly it proudly for the effort you put in to CFS. You are amazing and we all love you for what you do.

  7. I have had times to be very grateful to you and all your followers on Call for Support. And I certainly would be joining everyone in flying a flag for you...and all the others who make up the "suport" team
    Love Sybil xx