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Saturday, 16 April 2011

5 years ago today

I found myself drawn into the world of social networking by blog on Easter Sunday 2006, when blogger Pamela Hilger, AOL screenname his1desire, passed away after a 9 month battle against cancer. She had been logging her fight on her blog "One Girls Head Noise", until 7 April. The outpouring of grief that followed her death was quite breathtaking, and showed that a community on the Internet could care as much as a group of people who knew each other face to face. Two years later, I received a comparable level of support at the time when my mother passed away unexpectedly.

Since then, a number of other bloggers have left us, leaving their keyboards silent. This post is dedicated to their memory, as well as to the spirit of J-land which has survived the upheaval of October 2008, when AOL closed down their blogging service. Many have left the land of blog, but the advent of new social networking services like Facebook and Twitter have ensured that we can keep in touch.

J-land lives!


  1. What a nice tribute and yes, I agree, it is a wonderfully supportive community.

  2. I never knew her Guido but I have come to know many since then who have gone before. I was very attached to them too. Their journey became personal to me also. They are sorely missed and are often remembered by me from time to time. Who could not remember such bravery, as they fought hard agains the 'Big C' and other terminal ailments.
    I never knew your mother, except through you, and what you told me was very warm and touching. I felt I got to know a little bit of the woman you loved so much and at the same time saw a glimpse of your heart too. Bless you!
    J-Lander's are still here and will always find each other one way or the other. That's what like-minded friends do, find a commonality between them which bridges the distances between them.
    A lovely tribute Guido and long may we all carry on this wonderful tradition.
    Happy Easter.

  3. Happy blogging anniversary. Yes I remember Pamela and several others who have gone on. They are certainly missed and will always be remembered.

  4. Just for the record: I was blogging for 18 months before Pam's death, but not in the context of J-land.

  5. That is a lovely tribute to J Land. Like many others I made lots of new friends through blogging including one very special friend. When I was ill her love and support were very special to me