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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Tuesday 11 January

A bright and sunny day, although the sun has now disappeared behind a veil of high cloud that is moving in from the west. Rain and sleet are on the menu tonight, and a gradual thaw is forecast for tomorrow. Today's max was +5C just after midnight; five hours later, the mercury had dipped to -3C. We're just above freezing, but that has not done much for the perilous state of the pavements. Yesterday morning, the presenter on local radio station Isles FM broke her arm whilst walking along the road to the station. I copy the story from the station's website:

Isles FM presenter Kathleen MacIver was a casualty of the winter ice yesterday morning - but she didn't let it stop her presenting live radio for two and a half hours. Kathleen slipped and fell on icy pavements on Newton Street at 5.30am, breaking a bone in her elbow and bruising her leg badly. After crawling to a kerb and getting back on her feet, she limped in to the radio station and was on air at 7.30am. "I did the show with one arm and between gritted teeth," said Kathleen, who did not tell listeners of the pain she was in. Fellow presenter Lionel Sewell took over soon after 9am and Kathleen went to Western Isles Hospital, where a broken elbow was diagnosed. Managing director David Morrison said: "That she still went in to do the breakfast show with a broken arm says a great deal about Kathleen. Not many people would have done that." She's now on bedrest and forbidden to work until she has recovered completely! 

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