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Sunday, 23 January 2011

Sunday 23 January

My father is 77 years old today, and is having a full house over in Holland. I sent him a present (courtesy Amazon) a week or so back, which I hope will come in useful this coming summer.

I was very sad to learn of the death of fellow blogger Bill Janssen, who died two months ago after a sudden but short illness. Others had been asking how he was, after he did not post after November 21st last. It appears he died a week after that. I tried to email Bill, but got a reply back from his son, Bill Jr, with the message. I have posted on Facebook and on the Call for Support journal, and the messages are flooding in. Not all my readers will be aware of my affiliation with the J-land [AOL Journals] Community, which goes back to 2005. Until October 2008, there were hundreds of bloggers in the US and the UK who were linked together courtesy their on-line blogs. When AOL deleted the journals in '08, we emigrated en-masse to Blogger (and other providers), losing many along the way. But courtesy Facebook and Twitter, the strands are pulled together again, and the community is resurfacing. I have noticed that there are people who scoff at the notion of on-line friendships and the like - but I am preaching to the converted if you are reading this. Bill's journal will remain on the Net, as a tribute to him. In the years to come, people will call round and leave a message in remembrance, as is commonly done with the many other journals left behind by those who went before. Bill - Rest In Peace.

Stornoway had a bright and sunny day - except for that one rogue shower at lunchtime - and there are promising buds on the trees and shrubs. However, it's very early days, we still have two months of winter ahead of us.


  1. Happy Birthday to your dad. We had a beautiful Saturday...sun and the temperature got up to 52 at Seattle-Tacoma Int'l airport. Sunday however is starting out gloomy & cold. I just checked out the front window behind me & I see buds on my lilac bush...there is hope. Thanks again for checking on Bill. He was a friend to DB...went & tokk him to lunch a few times. I know Bill will be missed by his family and many more.

  2. Birthday Greetinng to your Father Guido. Hope he has had a lovely day... It is so sad when yet another friend dies. I so agree with you about "net" friendships...unless one has had the priviledge of that kind of friendship it is hard to understand I supose, I for one would never have believd it was possible....I had so many on our previous site and I miss them still. However gradualy new friends are being forged..WE WILL NEVER FORGET OUR OLD ONES...BLESS THEM ALL
    Love sybil x

  3. Just a quicky Guido for reasons I will explain later.I agree with everything Sybil says."A Very Happy Birthday" to your Dear Father though I am sorry it is evening time now and I hope he is delighted with his gift you have sent him.May perpetual Light shine on old friends.Please accept my condolances if they were close friends of yours on the internet,and to thier family's of course..Take Care God Bless Kath xx

  4. Very Happy Birthday to your Dad. ~Mary