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Sunday, 30 January 2011

Saturday 29 January

A bright day, but the high cloud does not bode too well for the near future. Went outside Stornoway for the first time this year, to Bosta Beach in Great Bernera. That's about 30 miles by road. Bosta is one of my favourites in the island; I also wanted to go there to see the Time and Tide Bell that was installed there last July. It was not working, as the clapper appeared to be missing. In the evening, we gave the restaurant in the An Lanntair [Lantern] arts centre another try, and this time everything was good. Prompt service, good food and a decent price. I'll spare you the disasters that have befallen me there over the past five years.

Looking towards Roineabhal from the Bernera road

Old and new: the slipway for the pre-1950s ferry to Great Bernera, and the bridge

Loch Barraglom, near the Bernera Bridge


Bosta cemetery

Tide and Time Bell

At Bosta Beach

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