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Monday, 17 January 2011

Monday 16 January

The flurry of tropical cyclone activity in the southern oceans has come to an end - for now. TC Zelia has turned into a storm depression which will lash New Zealand over the next day or so. Nothing else appears to be forming, but the southern hemisphere season is yet young - equivalent to July in the northern season.

Here in the far north of Scotland, it has turned perceptibly colder. After 10 degrees over the weekend, the 5C this afternoon felt quite cold. The hat and gloves came in handy as I made my way into town for a stint in the library. I went through the croft histories for several townships in order to glean more information on some of the WW1 casualties, for whom I only have scant information. I have already made amendments to more than half a dozen names, and more are to follow as I continue to process the information.

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