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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Wednesday 8 December

Another winter's day, with a layer of just under an inch of snow this morning in Stornoway. Looked very pretty, until the temperature rose above freezing. The footprints of a cat could be seen trailing through the backyard - but the birds were all still there. Even the blackbird with a broken wing, that's been scurrying around since July.
The Transport Minister, Stewart Stevenson, has made a statement to the Scottish Parliament and apologised for failing to provide the service that a government can be expected to render. At the height of the crisis, on Monday evening, the First Minister was presenting his Christmas card, rather than directing proceedings.
Meanwhile, the road chaos in central Scotland continues. I am typing this whilst listening to the traffic news on Radio Scotland, which does not make for cheerful listening for anyone in the Central Belt. 

A video has now been removed from YouTube, which showed an Irishman expressing his exact feelings on the reasons for the current economic crisis. His language was rather rude, involving the F-, W- and B-words. Reason for the video to be pulled, I assume. But don't think that Ireland is the last Eurozone country to have to be bailed out. Portugal and/or Spain could be next.

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  1. 'Portugal and/or Spain could be next. '

    And just where is the money coming for that I ask?
    Worrying times for sure.
    Glad the Blackbird is still safe from anymore harm. This dreadful weather must be putting paid to a lot of wild birds. Poor things!
    Shame they removed the video. That man spoke a lot of common sense even if he stressed his opinions with swear words.