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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Tuesday 21 December

Another post from me on Atlantic Lines, for the simple reason that my travel plans fell apart this morning. The plane to Glasgow I was to have taken at 8.30 am was cancelled, along with all other flights before midday. The reason was black ice on the runway. The later departure at 2.30pm would have left me with insufficient time to make my connection at Edinburgh. The two cities are only 45 miles apart, but transferring between the two airports requires two 30 minutes bus journeys, a 45 minute rail trip, and that with a decreased frequency of trains. Leaving to one side the joys of travelling on the M8 in Glasgow and the A8 in Edinburgh, and the weather conditions. So I returned to Stornoway, awaiting tomorrow morning's plane. If things go to pot again, I'm quite prepared to cancel the trip.

The one benefit of this morning's excursion was the lunar eclipse, pics of which I will post separately. Otherwise, the overnight frost combined with a fall of rain had turned roads and pavements into ice rinks.


  1. Guido I do hope you can get the Plane to~morrow ~ Airports everywhere in the UK seem to be having these problems ~ It is such a shmae when people Holidays are ruined ~ Ally x

  2. Looking forward to seeing your picutres of the eclipse ~ it was too cloudy here to see anything ~ Ally x

  3. I tend to love ice rinks, but not to drive on.

  4. so sorry that you didn't get away Guido...better luck tomorrow...So many folks have had their holiday plans wrecked this week....I am still hoping just a hope mind you that we will get up to sarah for Christmas Day but it is looking a bit doubtful as like you we have very icy roads or hard packed snow and ice !
    Take Care
    Sybil x

  5. So sorry to hear you had to cancel for today. Weather cannot be reckoned with for sure. Hopefully tomorrow will be much better.I'm glad you did get to see the eclipse it was far too cloudy here to see it and I was asleep no matter.