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Saturday, 4 December 2010

Saturday 4 December

The thaw is continuing, but that does not mean that our problems with snow and ice are over. The pavements have degenerated to skating rinks, which at times means you can only walk in the road. And that's not safe either. Went into town this afternoon for another stint in the library, looking for references in the Stornoway Gazette to Finlay Mclean, see previous post. None, which means that my search for the location of his grave carries on. If I cannot find it in the cemetery at Sandwick, which I'll walk through tomorrow, it will mean that he is mostly likely buried in Glasgow. Which has two dozen graveyards at least.

A sad piece of news from Ness this evening. A man was taken to hospital after he collided with a llama whilst riding his motorbike. Now that may sound totally off the wall, but there genuinely are two llamas about in Ness, and you can go on a walk with them. Or you could, as the one that was involved in the crash was killed.
This image dates back to 19 July this year; one llama is clearly visible, the other can just be made out behind it. I don't know which one died (Sam or Nico), but the blog that was kept about them has been cleared of content.

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