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Thursday, 2 December 2010

Linda Norgrove

You may recall from October the tragic death of Lewis-based aid worker Linda Norgrove. She had been abducted in Afghanistan on September 26th by an armed group. As fears grew that Linda might be transferred across the border into Pakistan, American forces were sent in to liberate Linda. One of the group of American Navy Seals threw a grenade which exploded near her, causing fatal injuries.

This version of events was today confirmed by UK Foreign Secretary William Hague. Linda's parents, Mangersta residents Lorna and John Norgrove, travelled to London to be informed of the report. Disciplinary action has been taken by the US military against the serviceman who had thrown the grenade, as he had not immediately accounted for his actions, instead (initially) stating that Linda's captors had detonated a suicide vest.

This finally closes a very sad episode for the Norgrove family, and for the island of Lewis where Linda grew up.


  1. Thank you,Guido.Such a tragedy. And thank you for the link, I went by the page for the foundation her parents helped to set up in her memory

    what a lovely way for her to be remembered, she who touched and changed so many lives for the better, continuing to be the inspiration for that work to continue after her death.

  2. Such a tradegy Guido. May she rest in peace. Although her parents, family and friends no longer have Linda in their lives, I am glad they were able to get a true accounting of what occurred; I hope that their memories of her life well lived will give them strength and comfort.