Sunny evening, 6 June 2018

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Wednesday 17 November

A windy day, which has seen our ferry cancelled after it sailed to Ullapool in the morning. We have a steady force 7 going from the southeast. The temperature, 10C, may sound decent for mid-November, but is not all that great in the strong wind.

I have spent the day building a new blog, called Pentland Road. It holds the collection of blogposts from the past 6 years, related to local (or regional) history. To quote the "About" section: The Pentland Road is a single-track road that runs between Stornoway and the villages of Breasclete and Carloway. It is a historical roadway, and I hope to make this blog a conduit for what I have found out about this island's history. 

The idea for this new site was inspired by the activities of blogger Direcleit, whose blog contains a wealth of information about the history of the Long Island (Lewis & Harris). My focus is a lot narrower - World War I and the Napier Commission Report.

On a totally different subject, I was amazed to learn that scientists had managed to create and maintain 38 antimatter hydrogen atoms for a few tenths of a second. When 'normal' matter and antimatter meet, they are both destroyed, releasing energy. That is what lies behind Einstein's famous E = mc2 (E=energy, m=mass, c=speed of light). We are all bundles of energy... I probably lost the lot of you by now.


  1. Well I've been called a bundle of energy before but I don't think it is in the same realm as you are talking about and yes, you lost me! LOL. You are so productive, another blog!! Very windy day here as well but much calmer as I type.

  2. I am sitting in the kitchen looking out onto sunshine. At last! I hope you get glimpses of sunshine soon too Guido.
    I always knew we were bundles of energy. We did, eventually, emerge from the 'Big Bang' after all.

    Smarty pants Jeanie. lol