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Sunday, 28 November 2010

Sunday 28 November

Day 3 of the cold snap and absolutely no sign of it letting up. In fact, the thermometer plummeted to -18C in Wales last night and -15C at Loch Glascarnoch, a location well-known to travellers between Inverness and Ullapool on the A835 road. Here in Stornoway, we did not go below -2C last night, although the northeasterly wind does make it feel cold when you're exposed to it. Looking at the distant horizon, there is still a bad swell running in the Minch, but ferry operators Calmac say the ferry will sail as normal this afternoon. Images from Stornoway, from yesterday morning, featured on the BBC TV news earlier today, showing the heavy snow showers failing to dampen spirits at the farmers market at An Lanntair. It also showed cars stuck on the steep section of the A859 above Scaladale, where the road climbs up to the pass below the Clisham. 
The Met Office says there is colder air blowing in from Siberia. Over there, they can't use mercury in their thermometers: mercury freezes at -38C, and in extreme instances the temperature goes down to -70C in places.

I'll have a post with pictures later today.

It is bad enough that people who are involved in an accident drive away from the scene without checking on the well-being of others involved in it; it is even worse when the accidents results in someone's death. In Smethwick, Birmingham, a baby boy of 2 months of age died following a hit-and-run crash between two vehicles. The BBC News page carries further details of the fugitive vehicle.

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  1. Siberia can keep its minus 70 degrees! I don't know how people can breath in such cold.
    We have our central heating on and I am still having to wear a thick wooly cardi' on top of another one.
    As for the hit and run driver? How cold hearted and callous can anyone be to do that?
    God rest that wee baby. I hope its mother doesn't pass away too.
    Stay safe in these icy conditions Guido.