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Saturday, 6 November 2010

Saturday 6 November

The calm before the storm today. It was not warm, only 6 degrees C once more. Went for a few errands around town before lunchtime, then spent the afternoon on more transcriptions of the Napier Report, as shown in previous entry. Tomorrow afternoon, we shall see rising winds as the first proper autumn storm strikes the United Kingdom. Winds could reach 55 mph during the evening and night.

Yesterday, a freak accident saw a cement-mixer running off a bridge in southern England and land on top of a moving train. Several people on the train were injured, as was the driver. Investigations are continuing into the cause of this strange accident.

And in football, the high scoring continues. Celtic beat Aberdeen 9-0, which led to much shedding of tears in the Granite City, whilst Celtic fans were complaining that their side could have scored 22 goals. Some people are never pleased. Did I say it was a slow news day my end? Maybe I should leave you with a link to this video of a nest of kittens playfighting. Better than that awful vid of the poor kittens that kept collapsing due to "fainting goat syndrome".

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