Sunny evening, 6 June 2018

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Saturday 27 November

A very wintry scene, with frequent heavy snow showers leaving a covering on the ground. Last night, the wind got up to galeforce, with gusts to 70 mph up at the Butt of Lewis. It is not nearly as bad now, but as I type, there is another shower passing through, which looks something like

The high winds have also wreaked havoc on the ferry schedule, with the 7 am sailing not departing until 11 o'clock this morning. Whether it will come back is not certain at all. There is a northeasterly wind today, which causes a nasty swell on the Minch. Today, there was to have been a cross-country running championship heat here in Stornoway, which has been called off. Yesterday's evening ferry sailing was cancelled, making it impossible for the bulk of the contestants to come over. Leaving to one side the atrocious driving conditions on the mainland. If I look on some of the traffic monitoring cameras in the Highlands, the roads look pretty horrendous in places.


  1. We had snow overnight Guido. Walking down to the shops this morning I almost bought myself a hat from the climbing shop in the village as I set off wihout mine. It was bitterly cold! The sun is so short lived these days. It just seems to pay a flying visit then it dashes off to warm the southern hemisphere. Winter! Bah! Humbug!
    Hope the race gets under way.

  2. Brrrrrrrr! Looks cold.......still 80 degrees here in South Florida! Yet, I still miss New England and the change of seasons.

    Hugs, Rose