Sunny evening, 6 June 2018

Monday, 29 November 2010

Monday 29 November

A cold but sunny day out here, although massive falls of snow in the east of Scotland have brought havoc to the roads. A lorry driver, speaking on the radio, said he had been stuck for nearly 10 hours on the A9 around Perth. At the moment, the section of the A9 south of Perth appears to be "passable with care". Many other roads at higher levels in the Highlands are closed. And it isn't even formally winter, neither meteorologically nor astronomically. Here in the Outer Hebrides, temperatures are expected to lift towards the end of this week. With the bright sunshine, ice on pavements is turning back to slush. Tonight, the mercury will nosedive to -20C on the mainland.

Tomorrow, it will be St Andrew's Day, but celebrations have been cancelled due to the adverse weather.

I may have another update later today.


  1. I am sorry the celebrations for St Andrews day have been cancelled ~ here is hoping the weather improves ~ It is very heavy snow fall here in Norfolk and we are finding it difficult driving in such bad conditions ~ Ally x

  2. I hope it isn't quite that bad where you are.