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Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Tuesday 19 October

A very cold day today. The mercury just about managed to scrape to 7C, but as I type (9.10pm), it is already on its way down again past the 3C mark. There were some beefy showers about, some carrying hail and sleet, by all accounts.

The UK Government has announced that the RAF Kinloss is to be closed, with great uncertainty remaining around the other RAF base in Morayshire, RAF Lossiemouth. Kinloss is currently home to the Nimrod reconnaissance aircraft, which will not be replaced. The Nimrods are more than 40 years old, and nearing the end of their technical lifespan. If Lossiemouth closes as well, this will mean the loss of 15% of employment (4000 to 6000 jobs) in the county of Morayshire - a rural district which can ill afford such losses.

Contrast that to the antics of 24-year old star footballer Wayne Rooney who has said he is moving away from Manchester United, possibly to join United's rivals Manchester City. Rooney hasn't been doing to well this year, so I presume he wants a change of scenery. Spoiled brat. I have zero time for vastly overpaid football players who prance around a football pitch for a few hours each week - to be paid astronomical sums of money.

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