Sunny evening, 6 June 2018

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Sunday 31 October

The clocks went back an hour overnight, and we now have sunrise just after half past seven, and the sun setting around a quarter to five. Yep, winter is not far away now. Hallowe'en today, but as I indicated last night, I'm not feeling like it. I would like to wish everybody else a happy Hallowe'en though.

Today was a bright and sunny day, with not much wind. The ferry did its customary single crossing back-and-forth this afternoon and evening, returning on schedule at 9pm. November looks like making a similar start, but then is going to give us a nice present in the shape of a late afternoon gale. However, if it doesn't get worse than a force 8, I won't be complaining. It's that time of the year after all.

Later this week, on Friday 5 November, we'll have Guy Fawkes night. Fawkes was intent on blowing up the Houses of Parliament in 1605, but his plot failed and he was hung, drawn and quartered for all his bother on 31 January 1606. Four hundred and five years later, they are still burning effigies of Fawkes and letting off fireworks on 5 November. As is customary, the media are full of gruesome pictures of burned and torn limbs belonging to people who didn't observe the normal precautions in letting off fireworks.


  1. Guido, you are sure hung up on the weather and season changes. My wife is like that on the weather. Every half hour witt the commercials she checks in to the weather channel.
    I live outside of Philly in PA and it seems to me you get the same weather we get but a day later and usually more severe than ours.
    Even though you did not wish me a Happy Halloween I will wish you a Happy Guy Fauwk's evening enjoy yhe fireworks.
    I have to get dressed now for trick and treating.I am going as an old, all I have to do is wash my face.

  2. I'm amazed you captured me on video flying past your window!

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