Sunny evening, 6 June 2018

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Saturday 9 October

A stunningly beautiful autumn morning, with blue skies, hardly a cloud to be seen and only a gentle breeze. The birds were out early, looking for worms and other foodstuffs. We're promised a daytime maximum temperature of about 16C / 60F, which is quite decent for this time of year. Tomorrow should see more of the same.

I've been working with the emailed updates from a selected number of blogs, and it's working very well. I've got hundreds of feeds and blogs on Google Reader, and it was getting impossible to keep up. Now, about a dozen updates each morning is quite easy to go through.

I'll have another post later today - I may go out and about this afternoon, which usually results in dozens of pictures.

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  1. My Guido two mild days in a row...glad you are enjoying the late summer...Today has been dull grey and misty down here. we had thought it would clear but no, so tonight it is going to be early dark for sure, only glad it isn't cold.
    Sybil x