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Saturday, 16 October 2010

Saturday 16 October

A bright but cold start to the day; after a low of just 2C at 6 a.m., the mercury is slowly making its way towards double figures, showing 7C at the moment. As I said yesterday, we're headed for a cold spell next week, and this is but the beginning.

Today, the Royal National Mod is drawing to a close up in Thurso. This is an unusual location for the showcase of Gaelic culture, as Caithness (Land of the Cats) is more closely associated with the Norse culture. However, it appears to have been a great success, and the Duke of Rothesay (better known as Prince Charles) give his ringing endorsement to the Gaelic culture, saying it is belongs to all of Scotland. I'm sure people forgave him his rambling Gaelic (look who's talking) on account of that. The locations for the National Mod will be Stornoway in 2011, Dunoon in 2012, Paisley in 2013 and Inverness in 2014.

I have reached a conclusion with the man named as Donald Angus in the Roll of Honour for World War I. In fact he is Donald Mackenzie of 27 Lower Sandwick, son of Marion Mackenzie (father not known). She was a fish worker. Donald died of TB at the City Hospital, Aberdeen in July 1915 at the age of nearly 20, having served in the 3rd battalion Gordon Highlanders.


I'll have another post later today.

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  1. There is a definite chill in the air here. Summer is gone now but not forgotten for sure. It will only get worse as winter comes on so I'm thankful for a few days of sunshine this weekend, but it is till colder than I like. You are right in saying it is the beginning.