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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Blog reading

An attempt to resume a blog reading habit that has fallen by the wayside: I am manually transferring my entries on Google Reader to Feedblitz, which generates a daily digest of everybody's blog entries every night - much like the much maligned (and missed) AOL Alerts. I have just done the blogs A to D, and hope to complete E to Z tomorrow.


  1. I must try and get into writing my Blog a bit more regularly Guido. I read other people's entries, which can run away with my time on line.

    That's a beautiful sunset in your 'Header' photo. If heaven is lit up and looking like that, then it's going to be a grand place.
    Good luck with catching up with fellow Bloggers.

  2. Well, I'll see you on Feedblitz then. That is, when I get back around to writing. I don't know what holds me back -- I so enjoyed sharing my little corner of the world with folks.

  3. I am afraid my blog reading and writing has become extremely haphazard of late, as my teacher used to say must try harder!

  4. Hey, I'd love to try that out. Talk us through getting this Feedblitz and how to enable and use it please

  5. Let me know how Feedblitz works for you. I may try it too.