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Friday, 10 September 2010

Thursday 9 September

Reasonable day, with a bit of sunshine about. Spent most of the day completing the penultimate chapter of the Napier Commission's report for the Isle of Skye. The factor for about half that island's estates was grilled over dozens and dozens of pages, some of it boring in the extreme, other items interesting. However, it was remarkable that nobody from the estate that Alexander Macdonald himself owned had come forward to give evidence to the Commission. Macdonald said he was 'very proud of his crofters'. However, the Commission was not hesitant to pose pertinent questions, and in all, the evidence does not do the landed gentry in Skye any favours. Much has changed since 1883.

Image courtesy BBC
On Wednesday, it was 50 years ago since the causeway was opened that linked the islands of North Uist and Benbecula. Previously, people had to cross the waters on foot, fording at the lowest point of the tides, dodging quicksand and some having to engage the services of a guide. Before 1960, some Uisteachs had been to Yokohama before they'd visited Benbecula.

Also on Wednesday, Princess Anne visited the Isle of Eigg. All power on that island is generated using wind, hydro and solar energy, with diesel generators only present as a back-up. Eigg was bought by its residents in 1997 for £2m, after the sitting laird turned out to have bought the island with no money in the bank.


  1. beautiful pictures Guido!
    Please stop by and see me and comment on my 9/11 entry and my book reports ...
    Guido 9/11 really does me in...
    how about you?
    and how was your summer?
    Enquiring minds want to know!
    hugs and love,natalie
    p.s. I was so delighted to see Bear (Bill)
    from Bear;s Den back ˆn the saddle! :)

  2. What about that 'cheeky' laird? I'm glad the islanders were able to buy a share each of their island.
    Princess Anne gets around a lot..doesn't she?
    She is a hard grafter even if she can be a bit uppity.
    That causeway looks solid enough still. A boon to those Uisteachs I'm sure.
    I wouldn't have fancied facing the quicksands.