Sunny evening, 6 June 2018

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Thursday 16 September

A breezy but bright day, with the odd shower about. Isles FM made my day with the clanger of the week: "Pope Benedict XVI is arriving in Stornoway today for a state visit...". The newsreader realised his mistake, but kept going without saying a word about it - but his embarassment was audible in his voice. His colleague, who took over after the weatherforecast, mentioned that you can always tell when someone hasn't had their morning coffee.

The Pope has arrived at Edinburgh, 200 miles southeast of Stornoway, for a four-day state visit to the United Kingdom. He was greeted at the airport by the Duke of Edinburgh, the Queen's husband. After a speedlimit-breaking drive from the airport, the pontiff arrived at Holyrood House, the Queen's official residence in Edinburgh, where he was greeted by Her Majesty, the Archbishop of Canterbury, the UK Deputy Prime Minister, the Scottish First Minister and other senior officials. Later, Pope Benedict will be driven through Edinburgh on his way to Glasgow, 45 miles to the west, where he will conduct mass on Friday. A Gaelic choir from the Uists will sing at that event.


  1. The Pope's visit seems to be causing some anxious moments ~ Ally x

  2. I do love it when the local radio stations make bloomers !! I hadn't realised there was so many catholics in the islands to have a choir..see you are always telling me somthing I have never thought of LOL
    Love Sybil
    PS thanks so much for your words of comfort x

  3. I listened to the Pope on TV last night and he spoke, to my embarassment as I only have a smattering of gaelic, the gaelic language at one stage in his speech.
    I wondered if he had a German accent in that too? Perhaps not, as German can have a lot of gutteral achs and eechs in its words like the gaelic.
    I enjoyed the 'clanger of the week' Guido. I bet he could have crawled into a hole. lol