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Sunday, 12 September 2010

Sunday 12 September

The weather slowly deteriorated as the day went on, and it's been drizzling for the past few hours now - it's 6.30pm. Spent the afternoon on the final transcripts of the Napier Commission Report on Skye, leaving me only the 25 appendices to transcribe (60 pages in total). Some quite strong language coming to the fore, particularly from the landowners some of whom were quite averse to change. Once I've finished this, I may continue with the reports from the Northern Isles of Scotland (Orkney and Shetland), and carrying on with Sutherland.

Cleared village, Boreraig, Skye
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I'm glad the Koran burning in Florida has been called off, as it would have played right into the hands of the very people who endorse the carrying out of atrocities like 9/11. Polarising statements, like the one made by Dutch politician Geert Wilders, just don't help. I am extremely concerned about Mr Wilders, whose party may be called upon to provide parliamentary support to a new coalition in Holland, combining the Christian Democrat (CDA) and Liberal (VVD) parties.

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