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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Hurricane update - 31 August

Five tropical cyclones to watch today. Danielle is no longer a tropical cyclone, just a very deep area of low pressure southeast of Newfoundland.

Hurricane Earl is a category IV hurricane, now moving away from Puerto Rico. This system will approach the American East Coast, anywhere north from Cape Hatteras to Nova Scotia. The inherent uncertainty surrounding hurricanes is very visible, as Earl has the potential to directly affect any part of the aforementioned coastline. The hurricane is now carrying maximum sustained winds of 135 mph.

Tropical storm Fiona is approaching the Leeward Islands, which will have to suspend mopping up after Earl. This is a relatively weak affair, with winds at galeforce (force 8 to 9 on the Beaufort scale).

In the Pacific, Lionrock, Kompasu and Namtheun are doing a menage-a-trois, but the first two should be watched. Kompasu will make landfall near Seoul with winds of 90 knots, that's a trifling 105 mph near the centre. Lionrock will make landfall in eastern China at tropical storm strength, bringing deluges of rain.

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