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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Cat in bin

A woman was walking along a street this week and found a cat walking along a wall. She stroked it, then picked it by the scruff of the neck and dumped it in a wheeliebin. The cat's owner heard her cries from the bin some 15 hours later and rescued Lola. The CCTV at the house had caught the act on camera, and the culprit was identified. The RSPCA spoke to her about the treatment of the cat, which was none the worse for the experience.

The police has now spoken to her about her personal safety. The tape was put on YouTube, which elicited a furious response. A Facebook page was removed today, which called for the woman's death. She has now said what she did was stupid (and cruel).

It certainly was that, and I roundly condemn anyone for treating any animal like that. Not everybody likes cats, but there is no excuse for cruelty such as that. However, as the cat was unharmed, neither is there any call for threats to the culprit. Methinks the lesson has been learned, reinforced by all the publicity.


  1. It hurts to hear of cruelty like this. It's one of the reason I do what I can in my rescue work. (Hugs)Indigo

  2. I always tease Holly I'm going to put her in the garbage but it's just an expression... the kitty above looks like my Raisin... I miss him... I'm sure this kitty will recover from the incident long before the adults...... :)

  3. I read ths sickening article on the BBC new site and was disgusted--I cannont abide cruelty wether to animals,children,the elderly or towards anyone living being,in fact:

  4. I am glad it was caught on tape, so the woman perhaps will realize how criminal it was to do what she did. But it's terrible that people are doing something equally as criminal in asking for the woman's death. That's just plain stupid.