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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Monday 19 July

After watching the ceremony at Fromelles, I went on the bus to Ness, in the north of Lewis to visit an acquaintance in the village of Eoropie, near the Butt of Lewis. It was a nice, sunny afternoon with a gentle breeze and quite acceptable temperatures of around 18C / 64F. I had wanted to go to Ness to see the machair flowers, for which the Outer Hebrides are famous in July. Unfortunately, the recent spell of high winds appears to have blown them all to bits, as there were only buttercups and bog cotton in evidence. On the way back, two llamas were spotted in the village of Skigersta.


Road to the Butt of Lewis at Eoropie (pronounce: Yoropee)

Butt of Lewis lighthouse as seen from Eoropie

West of Eoropie on the coast: Cunndal

Village main street, Eoropie

5 July 2006 - machair flowers

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  1. Beautiful photos Guido, I do love Llamas! Strange to see them way up there.