Sunny evening, 6 June 2018

Friday, 23 July 2010

Friday 23 July

Nice sunny morning here in the Western Isles, with a bit of a southerly breeze going. Last night got very still and very cold very quickly. The mercury shivered down to 5C / 41F at midnight. Fortunately, the sun got to work quickly after it rose at 5 am and we're now basking in 17C / 63F.

The big news item in Stornoway this morning is the fact that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is passing through the town on her way to board her holiday yacht, the MV Hebridean Princess. The image below showed the boat almost exactly 4 years ago, on 29 July 2006, when the HP took HM on her 80th anniversary cruise round the islands, to deposit her at Stornoway to be flown away from the airport. Her route now goes in reverse. This year, there's a slightly sour taste to proceedings. Apparently, the Hebridean Princess was chartered for a cruise, which was cancelled - requisitioning I call it. Is that what you call HP sauce? Meanwhile, I wish HM a pleasant holiday.


  1. Now that's a shot not too many people can get right in their own town. Beautiful!!!

  2. That would be so exciting to be there and see Her Majesty. She was in the U.S. recently at ground zero where the tragedy of 9/11 happened, in New York. I would have loved to be there and see her. She is such a gracious lady, and I do admire her.
    Have a good day, Guido.