Sunny evening, 6 June 2018

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Wednesday 2 June

The news in the UK is dominated today by a shooting spree, conducted by a taxi-driver in the west of Cumbria, northwestern England. The man has taken his own life, after shooting at people in 11 different location in Whitehaven, Egremont and Seascale. Five people are presently known to have died. A police operation is still on-going to establish what happened and make sure that not more casualties are found along the route taken by the man on his way. He shot himself in woods at Boot in Eskdale, southeast of Whitehaven. People had been ordered to stay indoors and out of sight, but have now been allowed to resume normal daily activities.

Here in Stornoway, the weather is windy and with a fine drizzle blowing along. A controversy is on-going at the moment with regards to the provision of public conveniences. Due to the refurbishment works on Perceval Square, at the very centre of the town, the public toilets there have been closed. The intention is not to reopen the loos and refer the needy to the library (where they can read for a pee) and the bus station, which is not open all hours. Councillors are now beginning to veer towards reopening the public toilets, providing someone is prepared to spend 30,000,000 pennies. And that's a lot of wee-wees.


  1. All those poor families. I could easily cry for them. Then the coward killed himself so people will never be given an explanation as to why he killed their loved ones.

  2. I am sure that if the truth is ever discovered this man will have given many signals of his severe mental derangement that were totally ignored owing to both the ignorance and indifference of all around him.
    No man can live as an island.
    If anyone is driven to such mental isolation they will undoubtedly act in a way that we find difficult to understand unless we look to the animal world from which we came not so very long ago.
    I hope that any investigation will seek the true cause of this tragedy and not a cover up for the disgrace of the failure of our society.