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Friday, 4 June 2010

Quote from the Napier Commission

This summarises what the Clearances were all about – for those who were on the receiving end of them. I quote the Reverend Alexander Davidson, aged 70, at Leverburgh in Harris.

It is most unnatural that man should be chased away to make room for sheep and deer ; that the land should lie uncultivated when men are perishing for lack of food. It is very unnatural that old or young should not be allowed to cast a hook into a standing lake or stream to catch a trout without being pursued by an officer of the law.

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  1. Q. When did man follow 'natural law'?
    A. When he was an animal.
    Q. Is man no longer an animal?
    A. Only when it pleases him.
    Q. When does it please him to be an animal?
    Q. ?