Sunny evening, 6 June 2018

Monday, 7 June 2010

Monday 7 June

A brilliantly sunny day, with a cool northeasterly breeze. The mercury topped at 15C, but the sun kept it nice and warm. Apart from sitting in the sun, I also made good progress with my transcription of Canadian servicemen who originated from the Isle of Lewis. Their total has now crept above 700. I have about 40 left to do, and hope to complete the listing by the middle of the week.

During last Wednesday's deadly shootings in Cumbria, police officers saw the man actually shooting people, but were powerless to act. Specialist fire arms constables were immediately summoned, but at no time did the unarmed officers have opportunity to stop Derrick Bird. 
> For the benefit of my American readers, British police are NOT routinely armed.

A train was derailed in the West Highlands last night, when the 6.20pm from Glasgow Queen Street to Oban hit boulders on the track near Falls of Cruachan station. The rocks are presumed to have come down in a landslip, but caused the train to leave the tracks. A fire broke out in the front carriage, but nobody was safely hurt. The driver led his passengers to safety as soon as the train had come to a halt, perched precariously 50 feet above the A85 road below. Picture courtesy BBC.


  1. Perhaps the fact our police are not routinely armed is the reason that such acts are thankfully few and far between in our country.
    We only have to worry about the few poor people that are missed by relatives and our social services whereas on streets with armed police there are many more to fear.

  2. I understand what you're saying Liz, but I don't think the relatives of the "few poor people" who were shot and killed last week will quite appreciate your phrase...