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Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Wednesday 5 May

Well, it's 10.30pm and I can't express loudly enough my sense of relief that that infernal election campaign here in the UK is finally over. Tomorrow, between 7 am and 10 pm, the polling stations will be open, and I too urge all who are eligible to vote to come out. That excludes me, by the way.

Here in the islands, it has been another drab and dreich day. It wasn't cold, and the dandelions are having a feast out the back.

Although the airports in the west of Scotland and Northern Ireland are closed today, I did hear an aircraft passing overhead a minute ago. Must have been the coastguard helicopter on an emergency call. 

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  1. The dandelions have swept like a gold carpet along the verges of the roads and in the fields too, here in the lakes. They have taken over from the daffodils and are so many that they outshine them for all they are weeds.
    As for the election campaigns? I sometimes think these politicians are patting us on the head and saying ..."there..there!" Their platitudinous mumbo jumbo of slogans are an insult to our intellgence. Where are our great statesmen?