Sunny evening, 6 June 2018

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Tuesday 18 May

Bright and sunny, with a breeze and temperatures likely to soar into the 60s Fahrenheit for the first time this year. The forecast is for 19C on the mainland, but we will not get that high due to the surrounding cold waters of the Atlantic. It is once more cruiseliner time, with the Spirit of Adventure coming in at 8 this morning, and the Quest on its way in from the north.

Spirit of Adventure, 25 May 2009

Have joined a site which collates websites of interest for the Western Isles, and it is gradually filling up with interesting links. And I'm continuing to build a website which shows all war(-related) graves in Lewis.


  1. Hi, Mary and I back after our cruise in the Caribbean...we had a great time I was amused to see the cruise ship photograph today I think it may be a sister ship of the one we were on it is owned by Royal Caribbean. Glad to be able to catch up again on all the "bits" Been lovely warm day today.
    love Sybil

  2. Between Adventure and Quest the spirit requires Hamnavoe.

  3. That is a big cruise ship. I would love to sit & watch the ships come & go.