Sunny evening, 6 June 2018

Saturday, 8 May 2010


This evening, I reached a minor milestone in my 10 year activities on the Internet: I posted my 5,000th tweet on I opened a Twitter account in October 2008, but did not become fully active on the site until February 2009. This was at the behest of a local contact. As the weeks and months went by, I focused my Twitter activities on local issues and contacts, disseminating information of local interest to a wider audience. And using the account also as a relay for fast developing situations, such as the Queen's Day attack in Holland when I became a pivotal user in the supply of information on that tragedy. Information, incidentally, that was available to all on local TV, by the way.

Another social networking site that I started using around the same time (October '08), was Facebook. This came about due to the closure of AOL Journals. AOL's loss was our gain, even though I do not use the site as much as I did in the beginning. Facebook acts as a relay point for several of my on-line activities, such as blogging and photography. And of course keeping in touch with my buddies from J-land - the AOL Journals are gone, but the community remains, in a different form.


  1. Well congrats! I have a Twitter account and never use it. I find Facebook much easier. Hope you're having a good weekend. Linda in WA

  2. congratulations guido. least we all still keep in touch,most of us anyway,in some mort

  3. Congratulations Guido!
    I too have a Facebook account and a Twitter one but forget what my password is...again! lol
    I haven't used it, I don't think, since I opened it up. I just haven't got the same time these days.