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Saturday, 29 May 2010

Land of the firey mountain and the flood

And that is a description that will fit Guatemala, in Central America. It is currently affected by two natural disasters at the same time. The volcano Pacaya, 20 miles from the country's capital Guatemala City, is erupting, sending thousands in flight. The city is covered in 3 inches of ash, and several people have died.

As if that isn't enough, tropical storm Agatha has brewed up some 170 miles south of the country in the Pacific. Agatha is too close to land to form any threat in terms of high wind, but it constitutes a major hazard in terms of rainfall. The projected rainfall total for the next few days is quoted as 10 to 20 inches (250 to 500 mm), with isolated totals of 30 inches (750 mm). The National Hurricane Center in Miami, which covers the Eastern Pacific region, is warning against life-threatening flash-floods and mudslides.

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