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Friday, 28 May 2010

Hurricane update - 28 May

The southern hemisphere is in the spotlight, 4 weeks after their tropical cyclone season closed. Subtropical cyclone Joel is currently located to the southwest of Madagascar and slowly moving south whilst weakening. Winds are at 35 to 40 knots (that's equivalent to a force 9 gale). Only the regional monitoring centre on nearby La Reunion is acknowledging Joel, but even that does not expect the storm to live much beyond tomorrow afternoon.

Here's to the 2009/2010 southern hemisphere season, finally signing off.

Don't forget: the Atlantic hurricane season commences next Tuesday, 1 June. They are forecasting a (hyper)active season, yeah sure. Seeing is believing - they were expecting something similar last year, but it all came to nothing thanks to El Nino and a shedload of dust from the Sahara desert. However, El Nino is gone, so keep abreast through the National Hurricane Center if you live in Hurricane Alley.

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