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Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Tuesday 27 April

A very wet day here, with no immediate sign of improvement on the horizon. The rainfall radar shows a mass of rain moving in from the southwest, which will take its time to make its way east. Tomorrow should see a slight improvement, but more rain is forecast.

The coverage of the general election is beginning to tire me out, it seems to be a game for politicians and journalists, with Johnny Average left gasping on the sidelines. My take on elections is that the politicians are like tomcats in March, caterwauling their promises of everlasting fielty to the credulous recipients of their goodies. And when the evil deed is done, all the fair promises are so much fried air.

I was horrified to hear of the teacher who battered a pupil during class. It appears that the teacher had lost control of his class, and when he was sworn at also lost control of himself. He dragged the 14-year old culprit out of the classroom and hit him repeatedly with a heavy object.

When I was in school, I have witnessed a couple of occasions where the teacher lost the plot, after being goaded. Anyone can be provoked, given the wrong circumstances, and the battered youngster was by all accounts a pivotal player in classroom disruption. I do not condone violence in any form, and trust that measures will be taken to prevent a repeat. Not just towards the teacher, but also the class involved.


  1. Personally I believe the time has come for Schools for Parentage.
    All too often the schools/teachers are blamed for problems that they inherit from inadequate parents.
    If a child has not been taught to respect others prior to the age of five then asking the school to instil that basic requirement is like asking a teacher to catch the horse that left before the stable-door was shut.
    That so many of our children are re-captured by dedicated teachers is a testament to their professional approach.
    That some teachers are unable to catch a wild horse gently should in no way reflect on their ability to teach, but only on their ability to address the prior lack of parental guidance.

  2. I can understand the teacher losing it, but he does have to take responsibility for his actions and suffer the consequences. It occurred to me recently that all I know about Brown, Clegg, and Cameron is what I hear from British political pundits and comedians, and it made me wonder how often many people in other countries get most of their knowledge of American candidates strictly from satirical and comedic shows. But from what I *have* heard, if there is any truth to it, it doesn't seem like there is much to choose from between the three of them.