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Thursday, 15 April 2010

Thursday 15 April

When I have finished writing this post, all flights within UK airspace will have been suspended due to a cloud of ash in the upper atmosphere. The ash is being pumped out by a volcanic eruption in southwestern Iceland. The disruption is considerable, with tens of thousands of passengers unable to fly. People in Shetland are presently reporting a sulphurous smell. The cloud is expected to pass across northern Britain in an hour or so. It is not known how long the disruption will last, as this is tied to the volcanic eruption. Flights are grounded, because volcanic ash can cause considerable damage to aircraft engines.

Here in Lewis, we will therefore not have any mail, and the papers will be in this afternoon, on board the ferry. Not smelling any rotten eggs outside - yet.

More information on the BBC and many other websites.


  1. Oh how awful I hadnt heard this but then I havent had the TV on ,it will be interesting to see if we are efected here in East Anglia ,will let you know, sorry about your post/papers etc Jan xx

  2. As inconvenient as it may be, t his is fascinating - the planet is so alive and magical.

  3. Has this kind of thing ever happened before up there? Just curious.