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Saturday, 17 April 2010

Saturday 17 April

Pouring with rain all day, a situation not likely to improve.

Neither is the situation around air travel in western and northern Europe. The cloud of ash out of the Icelandic volcano continues to track southeast across the Atlantic, causing a near-total shutdown of airports on the continent. The UK is also still a no-fly zone. The implications are massive. Not only are people unable to travel within countries, or fly overseas, those caught out abroad since Thursday are unable to return by air. The situation is dire but manageable for continental Europe; there are ferries across the North Sea as well as the Channel Tunnel. The situation is horrendous for anyone caught out on another continent. Travellers will run out of credit on their creditcards, hotelbills will ratchet up to dizzying heights, they cannot return to work or school. As far as transportation goes, food cannot be imported from overseas (if it has a short shelf life, e.g. soft fruit), spare parts cannot be flown in at a couple of hours' notice.

At moment of posting, all flight movements across the UK are banned until 0600 GMT tomorrow morning, and this is likely to be extended for a couple of days beyond that point.


  1. Things such as this, the recent earthquakes in China and Mexico and Los Angeles and more and more Tsunami waves...Makes you rethink the dire predictions on 2012. (Hugs)Indigo

  2. Shame about the rain Guido. I have been toasting myself to a crisp in the garden. lol

    I am so glad not to be a traveller at the moment. Especially if I had to pay for unexpected accommodation. That will ratchet things up if you are a family stranded at the airport.

  3. I have a neice ,who has been planning the holiday of a life time ,to Australia ,and my daughterr was off to Spain for a well earnrd break not happening ,there are all sorts of knock on prblems as you have stated Jan xx

  4. That is quite an impact! I hope it clears soon. I can't imagine how hard it must be on travelers who are stranded far from home. We had a nice shower here last night, but it didn't long and seems to have washed away some of the horrible pollen we'd been dealing with for the past few days.

  5. I've been catching the news about the travel woes. Amazing. Shows me regardless how smart man thinks he may be Mother Nature can put a halt to everything whenever she desires.

  6. I saw information on this on The Weather Channel. I'm so sorry this is happening and I hope it lifts soon. I understand that it is very dangerous for the flights.