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Monday, 12 April 2010

Hurricane update - 12 April

There are no tropical cyclones (hurricanes, typhoons) anywhere in the world, as the Southern Hemisphere season moves to a close at the end of the month. By the second half of May, the Northern Hemisphere season cranks into gear with the East Pacific beginning to spawn hurricanes. The Atlantic follows suit in June.

Those in Hurricane Alley probably don't need reminding to start preparing for what will follow in the summer. Although a forecast for the 2010 hurricane was issued today, it is not held to have any accuracy. The above average sea surface temperatures in the area where hurricanes commonly form (1.26C above normal) does not bode well, but there are many other factors that will determine how many hurricanes will form.


  1. Mary and I are hoping we don't get any hurricanes on our cruise!! I will be keeping a good watch out on your forecasts for sure. we leave on the 5th May for the Eastern Carribean sailing from Norfolk Virginia...our first ever cruise....would be just like me to get tossed about !!!!

  2. Thankfully the hurricane season will be over when i head back to the south pacific,but'quake wise is still pretty bumpy---one in Whatakane on sunday

  3. Sorry,should have read"whakatane" hope jeremy and nelly aren't reading this! (p.s) Whakatane is on the "bay of plenty" nz