Sunny evening, 6 June 2018

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Wednesday 3 March

A bright and sunny day, although it remains cool. Out of the wind and in the sun, it felt quite warm this afternoon. I was out and about, marking a walk from Shader to Ballantrushal, taking in two ancient monuments. There is an old homestead at Steinecleit, close to Shader; and Ballantrushal plays host to a 20 ft high monolith. My attempts to find a moorland loch behind Steinecleit foundered in the bogs. I was quite surprised to notice quite a bit of snow in shaded parts of gardens in Laxdale and copious amounts on the Barvas Moor, 350 feet above sealevel.

I'll put up pictures later this evening.

On the way back, the bus driver had his radio tuned to BBC Radio 1, the pop radio station, and they set out to prove that teachers are "wild". One female teacher, her voice disguised, stated she was wild. She professed to being in class hung-over following a heavy drinking session the night before and unleashing a particularly malodorous fart by the blackboard. Right. So that's wild, is it? I call it unprofessional.


  1. I find it unprofessional too Guido.
    A definite lowering of her professional standards. Not funny at all!

  2. What a walk you had Guido.You must be very fit LOL.I often wish I could walk like that now.I used to love walking as you do.Well I am gobsmacked at the news of the teacher.Then they wonder why some pupils act as they do? Very unprofessional I agree.What an example to pupils grrr. Sack her is my answer to that.Take Care God Bless Kath xx