Sunny evening, 6 June 2018

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Sunday 21 March

It's Sunday, so it's very quiet. The weather started out wet this morning, but after a couple of showers, the afternoon remained dry and not too cold. The mercury reached 10C, but is receding as darkness falls. Went out for a walk round my area of Stornoway. It is mainly industrial, with a powerstation and several defunct Harris Tweed mills. Not beautiful, but I've seen worse.

Defunct mill

Cat in window

Memorial to naval base at Battery Point

Battery Point powerstation

Iceland saw a volcanic eruption in the early hours of the morning. It caused great disruption to national and international flights, but could potentially trigger a larger eruption of a nearby volcano.

Australia's Queensland coast is recovering after cyclone Ului struck in the early hours of Sunday morning local time. Winds peaked at 106 mph, but the storm quickly lost its puff as it moved over land. Rainfall totals have exceeded 16 inches, adding to the existing flooding problems in the state. The remnant of Ului is moving west across Queensland towards Northern Territories.


  1. Oh, that cat looks chilled. I just had to say that.

  2. I agree with Gerry about the cat Guido. It looks dirty and bedraggled...poor thing!
    If it was mine I would be taking it in and washing its face and giving it a good feed.

    I must check out this volcano news in Iceland.
    Interesting views in todays photos.
    The last one reminds me of Battersea Power station in London. I suppose they were all built on similar designs.

  3. I've seen much worse. Bleak, but so clean! How do you pronounce Ului?