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Sunday, 14 March 2010

Sunday 14 March

A very late post for today, even though I've been at the keyboard for most of the afternoon. However that had more to do with finding out about those casualties from the First World War that I cannot trace on the Commonwealth War Graves Commission website. Although someone more expert in these matters is going to have a go on the hard cases, I do not foresee a huge flood of information.

I had to go into town just before 7pm this evening and lo and behold it was still light! We're near the equinox, so the evenings are now getting nice and long. Friends across the pond, you should have put your clocks forward by an hour.

For some reason unknown to me, comment notifications for my YouTube videos have not been reaching me. Got some today, and boy, did the air turn blue. Never seen such profanity on any of my sites before, and worse than that, it was all related to the start of the Sunday ferries back in July. A number of linguistically challenged people decided to let off steam over the poor folk in the video, who were chanting a psalm outside the ferry terminal before departure time on July 19th last year. Rather than let the cringeworthyness of the situation speak for itself, the genitals were all over the comments section. I've scrapped those comments.

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  1. Some people stoop so low by exposing their cretinism in such ways. You did right to delete them but how sad that you had to read them. I have only ever had one horrid comment which affected me terribly at the time. I just had no idea that I was being what they called me..." A pompous ass". It hurt at the time and the writer eventually apologised truculently, which wasn't an apology really.
    It isn't nice to find such replies, especially vile swear words, but at least we are able to delete them from our comments if not our minds.