View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Wednesday 24 February

Overcast and cold today, although the thermometer is at +4C / 39F this afternoon. The snowballs I had put out as ammo for chasing seagulls away from bread put out for birds have melted on me. Snow is causing extensive disruption across the eastern Highlands, with dozens of schools closed by lunchtime and major delays on arterial routes. Here in Stornoway, there is only an easterly breeze.

Over the weekend, an Atlantic storm will power up and pass Spain en-route for the UK with potentially hurricane force winds. At the moment, the arrival of the low pressure system off the English Channel is timed at the end of the 5-day forecast period, so no specifics at present.

The deputy First Minister of Scotland has apologised to the Scottish Parliament in the matter of a badly written letter. Ms Nicola Sturgeon had written to a court on behalf of a constituent, who had been convicted as a second time fraudster. This caused a political storm at Holyrood two weeks ago, and the minister made a statement to Parliament on the matter this afternoon. She admitted that the wording and composition of the letter was more reminiscent of her previous profession as a lawyer than of her present occupation as MSP. There have been calls for her resignation, but I don't think it will come to that.


  1. For once Guido it has been a mild day here at my place,and this evening it seems much warmer too,thank goodness.Sorry you lost your ammo,he-he,I had a good chuckle at that one,thankyou for the laugh much needed.I know the feeling about seagulls they are a nightmare at times.Especially when it comes to cleaning the car grr.There needs to be a realy good cull of those on the coast where we have our holiday home.They are quite dangerous at times too, when they swoop down on people.I hope I don't get the wind,I hate wind.Have a great evening.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

  2. Tomorrow night they say we'll have high winds and snow with blizzard conditions. I'm hoping they are wrong for a change. The weather forecasts have been unusually right this winter. I wish our snow balls would melt.