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Monday, 15 February 2010

Ten years on-line

This month, it will be 10 years ago since I set my first steps on the World Wide Web. My Hotmail account records my first email on 1 February 2000. I still have that account, and it is active. No longer active is my pharmolo account with AOL; any email that comes into that inbox is automatically redirected to my adb422006 account with gmail. An email account with Yahoo is only used because of its link to my Flickr photo accounts. I set it up whilst staying in a place which blocked the AOL website.

I joined AOL for its dial-up ISP service in April 2004, and brought me the first experiences of social networking on-line. The News Debate Chat was a rough and ready affair, invaded at times by the less appetising elements in British society. Following my relocation to Scotland in the summer of 2004, this fell by the wayside for a while, as I changed to blogging.

AOL Journals allowed me to record my travels in the north of Scotland in the summer and autumn of 2004. A year later, the much maligned VIVI awards introduced me to the circle of journalers; the untimely death of Pam (his1desire) at Easter 2006 turned me into a full member of Jland.

Jland ceased to exist in October 2008, after AOL decided to scuttle its journals division. A fair few of us migrated to Blogger, but many others abandoned the community.

My ten years on-line has seen a marked change in my personal circumstances, much of which I have decided not to discuss on here. Reading back through the emails from 2000 to 2010, I can see that quite clearly. The biggest shock, which I did share, was the death of my mother, now nearly 2 years ago. I tend to operate on a "live by the day" basis, which means I do not make a forecast for the next 10 years.

The Internet has proved an invaluable source of information to me, and a way of meeting new people, new friends. The Internet has also caused me a fair bit of distress, both directly and indirectly. Not all my friends understand the concept of social networking involving people you have not met, and are unlikely to ever meet. The Internet has an extremely unpleasant dark side to it, the least manifestations of which are the spam emails. However, it is here, and here to stay. 


  1. Now that you've said all that, I'll have to look back and see when I first opened my first e-mail account. I would imagine it was sometime before you did but I'm not really sure. I'm am thankful for it and have rarely had any bad experiences. Congrats on your 10 years.

  2. "Congratulations" Guido on your ten yrs on the Web.You must have seen many changes,in this time.Yes The Internet can be good but also Very Bad at times too.I enjoy Blogging,I miss J/Land very much, but like you say it is here to stay, so I just carry on regardless doing what I like on The Internet and try to stay safe.Have a great day Take Care God Bless Kath xx

  3. Congratulations on your Anniversary this month.
    I don't recall how we came to 'know' one another back in J-Land,but I am proud to call you friend.
    I too,am fairly closed about my personal life.
    I give a peek but not a gander,ya know?!
    It falls under the catagory 'nunya' LOL
    Keep Warm and Keep Smilin....

  4. Interesting to get your take on your ten years on the Internet. I must say I have got some laughs a number of times at your wry jokes and cartoons you found and posted expessing your frustrations with provider, etc. I didn't journal long enough on AOL to feel the upset some did when the journals were as you say scuttled. I enjoy blogger now in much the same way that I did AOL. Most of all I like the unique experience of going to your blog and seeing many photos of a country I will never see that are top of the line. I have really enjoyed that aspect of your blog and accounts of your walks about the countryside. I also like the role you have played in blogger land of keeping track of people and noting when they need support along with one or two other bloggers. I know I can always count on you to call attention to someone hurting who could use some support. I also am surprised when I find new things about you as your tastes in music, so it has been nice knowing you and hope you will continue to be an Internet friend.